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Simon Updates

Dear Readers...

20 Years ago I taught myself to channel and connected with a highly evolved guide by the name of Simon. 

Simon is a very kind and lighthearted soul and provides interesting and oftentimes accurate information about upcoming world events.  I have worked with him for many years and done readings for many people who have appreciated his insight, wit and humor.

Below I have written some of the more recent "updates" from Simon pertaining to world events...if you are interested.  As you read bear the following in mind:

1. The dates given are the dates the information was given or channeled to me.
2. All predictions have some margin of error. They are generally true at the time they are given but energies do shift and change and peoples free will choices affect outcomes.
3. The postings are edited for grammar and syntax as well as to remove any information that pertains to me personally.  Otherwise it is as given.
4. Additional notes in parentheses are added content with the general feeling or additional explanation or sense I get of it.

I welcome your feedback and comments....
June 13, 2017

Changes are afoot!  It is like a rewiring that is going on in your country. Mr. Trump will not be very long lasting.  But there is still much that will come to pass before his leaving office.  He will not remain for the full term.

He will claim that his leaving will be about personal attacks (physical not verbal) on his family.  As we have said in the past, there is an assassination attempt on Mr. Trump.  This is part of the reason he wants to leave to safety.  He will not be killed so it will not be a successful attempt.    But, there are many events that will transpire between now and then.  As we originally discussed, he is unprepared to deal with what is ahead of him.  But he will not admit this.  He will claim that it is for the safety of his family.  The threat of impeachment, though is very prevalent.  It will be his way of bowing out gracefully.  This does not mean that Pence will take his spot.  Mr. Trump may even leave the country.  We find that there will be several convenings that will take place of the House and Senate.

Unfortunately, his resignation will take place after several devastating events.  One will be earth related and one will be a bombing in the US.  The bombing takes place in an unexpected place which is why it will go unseen (or undetected).  So there are 3 events.  A bombing is one, an earth event is another and a cyber invasion is another.  The cyber invasion is huge and devastating affecting things previously thought to be well protected. 

We do find that the Queen of England will pass very soon.  Charles will assume the throne and he will make some significant changes.  He will bring in a new order and abolish many of the old/outdated (in his view) practices.  He will not be there as long as his mother.  We do find that in your lifetime, you will see his first born son, William, take over.  We do find that the Queen may abdicate the throne before she passes though as she becomes aware of her declining abilities.

You will see many more organizations come forward.  Newly formed ones, some for peacekeeping, for responding, for providing.  The things that the government is ceasing to do.  The Red Cross will expand its reach and expand its services in what it does
November 12, 2016

So there is a new order to White House. Interesting couple of months. But there is a new order that is coming in. So your full moon which is about endings and beginnings is significant at this time. End of democrats being in office at this time. He (DT) is not going to operate the same way Republicans have operated in past. New order of things. Now that it is sort of a done deal that election is won and that part of the battle is over. A somber man returns who is more balanced and genuine going forward. Will seek to mend fences with people.

We find that with him and with other presidents, that there are some things that work well for him and some that will not. There will be things that will  happen between now and inauguration day. Melania not the best first lady. She does not wan this position. But he is trying to institute a new order of things. He understands he has to look at whats worked in the past, for example, elements of Obama care that could not be put aside, and trying to make it better. And yes he will get on top of the immigration issues. It was a cornerstone of his campaign. Trying to prevent too many illegal people coming and trying to keep services intact for those who live here.

September 18, 2016

Hello my dears, greetings to you!

New developments in the world. Having to to with earthquakes and volcanoes.  Shakeups in unusual areas, in places that are unprepared for that type of activity.

New York will be under scrutinization.  It is being watched closely.

So we find that Mr. Trump comes under more scrutiny now.  At this point we find the outcome of your election, when it does occur, to be in his favor.  Hilary may be indicted in the aftermath of the election.  Mr. Trump may become much more somber in office.  We find it may be (or seem) like a switch has flipped or how would you say like a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde type switch of personality.  Once he gets in there his obnoxiousness will subside.  And it has to do with the fact that he won't be taken seriously and he truly need to show he is the business leader he purports to be.  We do find that he can at times pull things together and he won't overlook or blow off significant and impactful events.  We don't find him wanting to create or generate war.  However, he is personally quite unprepared for what it's going to mean to him when a devastating weather event hits.  But he does know what it's like to have something hit (NYC 9/11) and what it means to recover the city.  New Yorkers are quite generous people despite their crass attitudes at times so you will see a generosity that will be there.  But he will be unprepared for the amount of rebuilding of things he will have to do.

People are accustomed to having the President being the elite, the best of the best of everything.  While this is not untrue, he will be faced with having to pick up the pieces of a country that has been devastated by an unusual amount of things that they have not been dealing with for quite some time.  We still do find that there may be attempts on his life.  We find that Melania may have an affair on him. The tables may finally get turned on him (in that regard).  She may become known as the only first lady  who has had an affair.

We do find a new trend will grow in the world with respect to gardens.  A new popular thing where people will be finding and using every available space to grow gardens.  While it is not really a fad as gardens have always been around and popular...it will experience unprecedented renewal of popularity, it will, sprout a new leaf...much of it due to concerns and growing enlightenment of GMO's and Monsanto's influence on things at the government level.  People will endeavor to grow their own foods also because sources of supplies get disrupted.  The pathways of delivery and shipment or the means get disrupted...so a trend of localized gardening, more than community organic farms.  Local farmers will also expand and enlarge and experience a huge amount of growth.   

September 13, 2016

Greetings!  You have many greetings from the other side including those who have recently passed. 

Things are going to change soon.  Energies will pick up again.  Much more will be exposed soon about Ms. Clinton.  And yes, she will be hospitalized.  As we have said before things may get postponed (referring to the election) for that and other reasons.  Trump may get upset by developments, since he will feel he should be the clear winner through forfeiting.  It may be given strong consideration and of course a media frenzy if she needs to be replaced as a candidate.  We find ultimately that they will claim that she's not at deaths door so should not affect her candidacy.  Her illness is not life threatening, though at times it may adversely affect her health.  There may be a question as to her ability to make judgements.  Of course her VP candidate will step up.

Terrorist attacks are underway.  Disruption because of that..  NYC will be a target again though not in the same way.

We find you ask about this pipeline. (the one going through the Dakotas, that the Indian tribes are protesting). It won't get much further (the pipeline). We find that the Indians are becoming more aggressively dominant about their land.  They are peaceful people...the pipeline may be pushed back.  They will use their forces not only to try to stop it but to push it back.  It may may to be entirely rerouted.  There is also some sabotage that will come to it, but not generated by the Indian tribes, but rather by some radicals who support them and are anti-government.  So it will not be of their doing and they will not applaud it as they prefer more peaceful means. 

Earth Changes
We would say that the waters are going to rise. The coastal waters.  We do find that some plate shifting on the east coast which is unexpected.  Right along the mid-atlantic ridge.  Not a lot of activity in this area but just here and there as in Iceland.  But there is a bigger shift that makes it drop down.  And so the sea levels rise as water comes rushing in, the shift will occur in such a way that some coastal areas will go under.  We do find that it is quite unexpected.  There are people that will loose their homes entirely.  And it will go up the east coast all the way to Canada.  It will affect that large of an area.  The people are looking at Cascadia( the Cascadian subduction zone), that is highlighted as the big potential area to go...and it is.  When it goes it shall go big.  And although there there are those who are looking at the Madrid (fault line), it isn't necessarily expected to have anything happen to it before Cascadia.  Be we find that it will.  We find the Madrid will have a shift and yes some shaking involved.  So the land is sliding under a bit and the water levels appear to rise.  It will look like the beginning of your future Map of America. (for those of you wondering what that is you can google it and see what he is referring to)
July 17, 2016

Greetings!  As you know many are leaving the earth at this time.  We have spoken to you of this before so this is the fruition of what we have spoken about (regarding riots).  Your police forces will continue to be caught in the crossfire.  Other military forces will be brought in , national guards, your SWAT teams in some areas.  They are military but not police so people have a different respect for them for they are not necessarily associated with the street police.

We find that your KKK will be in trouble.  People will be discovering who they are and they will have, how do you say...there will be lynchings.  The tables have turned and their (the KKK's)  behaviors of the past are coming back to them.  As you may know, since its inception, it has in some ways operated secretly and in some ways in the open.  Some people have passed on and reincarnated back into the organization.  They will be the ones that will have the comeuppance, because of the karma incurred from previous lives...so you will hear about some lynchings and it will be discovered that the victims will be part (or members of or have been members of) the KKK.

Texas has not seen the last of its drama, nor has the deep south.

As the elections draw near, you will see it get more tumultuous.  Because of fear and uncertainty.  Negligence and criminal activity abuses will be highlighted.  Stronger and stronger demonstrations may take place.  We do find that Ms. Clinton is apprised of situations.  We wouldn't say she has an inside track, it's not assumed that she will get the presidency.  We sort of find that she is formulating an attack, making a demnad for some kind of formal military action against the parties believed to be responsible.

Earth Changes
The New Madrid (fault line) will get some shake ups very soon. We do find more volcanoes becoming active...more blasts and explosions from them with smaller towns being affected.  The focus will shift to San Andreas and Madrid fault lines. Less focus on the Cascadia zone. As we have mention the New Madrid may kick up.

You have seen future maps (of America) that show/indicate almost a rip up the middle of the country where the ocean comes in.  The New Madrid activity will be the beginning of this rupture.  But it will have ripple effects along east and west coasts.  So, Pat may feel a bit of rumbling, even a bit of things on the wall shaking.

Do what your guidance tells you.  If you feel the need to get out, get out.  If you feel the need to stock up, then stock up.

July 1st, 2016

Seismic events in your area (Pacific Northwest, the area of my note taker) will be happening soon.  You will feel the rumbles (my friend in Oregon who takes the notes for me).  It will extend down through California and there will be some significant sink holes and cracks because of this.  Many people displaced.

We also find that there will be some riots breaking out in the US having to do with the election. Yes, Hilary will not come out of that favorably. We also find that the New Madrid fault line will some more significant shaking.  We find coastal communities will receive warnings, some will be evacuated on both coasts.

(Simon was asked by my note taker about Race issues going on in her area - Ashland, Or.)
With enough social pressure it will be curtailed.  There may be another more significant incident that will take place, but then it will be curtailed.

(Re: UK withdrawal) The UK will balance itself out from the shakeup.  We find that Scotland works better in the EU so it may become its own soverignity. But that will be a more involved process.