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Making One Simple Change

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Just as a single pebble or drip into water makes a ripple effect.  Sometimes all is takes is making one simple change, trying one new thing to make a ripple effect in our consciousness and in our life. 

Sometimes it can be a lot easier to think about taking on one simple change that can and will make a big difference...than it is to think about having to change many things at once.

In the efforts toward reducing that mid life belly bulge and accumulation of abdominal fat...I have been doing a lot of reading and researching new ways to approach it, especially what is the underlying causes of it both physically in terms of diet and nutrition but also emotionally. 

For whatever reason it just seems to be harder than it was 20 years ago to drop excess weight.  Back then all I had to do was eliminate wine with dinner, my metabolism was a lot faster, I was more active...now I have eliminated many things from my diet due to allergies and sensitivites/adverse reactions and it doesn't seem to budge.  So, it was time to dive deeper, and bring awareness again to what is working against me.

So my one simple change that I am making this month is...(drum roll please badump bump)


Kick the sugar habit!

I am a lover of sweets, in fact if I were to admit to an addiction right now, I would have to say:

"Hi I am Pat and I am a sugarholic!"

I have been seeing a nutrional counselor for a while now who has repeatedly advised me to cut down the sugar.  I have also been really unhappy with my weight for a long time and even though I have developed many healthy habits, eat healthy meals etc...excess weight still didn't want to drop off.

I happened to be cruising through YouTube videos one day and came across one by a personal trainer and fitness coach I have been watcing here and there.  I was enticed by the title How to Loose 10 pounds in 10 days - and the thought of that kind of quck easy weight loss and had to find out what she had to say.  She said the simplist and easiest way to get a weight loss like that is to let go of sugar and she went on to explain all the places that excess sugar is hidden in our diets and in seemingly "healthy" foods: 

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After watching this, and thinking of what my nutritionist had been saying, I also remembered a diet plan I had been on called Ideal Protein which pretty much did the same thing - eliminated all excess sugar - with the result of loosing 4 lbs a week.

I started doing some googling research and found other interesting info on Web MD.  According to the American Heart Association, the recommended daily limit should be 6 teaspoons for women and 9 for men.  One teaspoon of sugar is equal to 4 grams of sugar. 

I started looking at the labels of many of the foods in my cabinet and fridge and yikes!  The Klondike bar I was eating occasionally as my after dinner sweet snack  - 24g sugar (ok no big surprise there) and my coconut milk yogurt blueberry and strawberry - 14g, the baked beans I like to have as a quick meal sometimes 12g in just 1/2 cup.  Wow, I could see how it could add up over the course of a day.

So I started on this new quest to eliminate the added/excess sugars.  I wasn't going to eliminate it entirely, after all I still loved my sweet but I was going to start taking simple steps to eliminate, reduce and change my taste buds for it.  I would have fresh fruit as my sweet, I would look at labels to make sure it was under 10 grams of sugar for a serving..etc.

The next day at work, I had to order lunch out and I was delighted that Panera was right next door.  Good health salads, I thought...that should be easy..but when I went on line to look at their menu  - I checked out the nutrional content which Panera includes a link to on their site...Yikes again!   A lot of their salads have a lot of grams of sugar.  One even had more grams than the Klondike Bar (it was the watermelon one).  So I picked the Mediterranean salad with only 4 grams of sugar.  It had quite a bit more fat grams, in the form of the olives etc in it but it was at least a healthier fat.


The end result of this and it's probably been about a week now... is that the pounds are coming off! Yea!  I can't say that it's been a pound a day but it's definitely moving the scale in a downward direction.  As I mentioned above I still love and have my sweet but now it's fruit with unflavored yogurt or a juicy sweet orange after a meal instead of chocolate or cake or ice cream.  So this one simple change is working in a positive way.


It isn't always easy..cravings are cravings after all and in full disclosure I will tell you that the first couple of days I was really irritable.  It was a weird combination of being/feeling physically tired and also having this inner need for physical outlet for some uncomfortable, ugly feelings.  All sorts of little things were irritating me and I had a couple of nights of not sleeping well - tossing and turning, vocalizing frustrations.  So I had to really be fully present and acknowledge some nasty feelings that were there...that I had been (forgive the pun) "sugar coating".  Sugar and other substances (like alcohol which by the way is loaded with sugar) are often what we use to "medicate" our anxiety and stress.  But that is topic for a whole other blog!

Whether it's for weight loss or something else, start by making one simple change!  Maybe it's putting your cell phone down for an hour and going tech free to be completely present with each person and each moment.  Maybe it's taking on a morning or evening walk to spend some time alone to quiet your mind and get away from noise, stress and drama. 

And if you are looking to loose that excess weight, really begin to be aware of all the additional excess sugar in things.  Read labels.  Bringing your awarerness to things is what makes the important difference and provides the motivation and inspiration to make the change. 

Addressing Issues of Women in their 50's

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Since turning 50 last year, I have been immersed in some of the unique challenges that those of us in this second half of life face.

While I will still be sharing knowledge, information and teaching about connection to spirit, specifically the angelic realm...I'll also be expanding to include articles, blogs, seminars & resources to address some of the life and health issues many of us face in this part of our life....

Aging parents/loosing our parents, dietary health & energy issues, the battle of the belly bulge and lower metabolism, being single again at 50, finding work/ a new job or enter your issue here....(send it to me via email)

Of course many of us experience these challenges at different ages not just in our 50's but for many the onset more acutely begins as we come upon this decade of our life and we realize we have to take a different approach...we find ourselves needing to re-think, re-adjust, re-evaluate.

Our bodies and minds seems to be so much more sensitive to our environments and foods etc. and life, ideals, values and technologies seems to be changing at such a faster rate than what we can keep up with sometimes....but there is always help and resources available to us and that is what I look forward to sharing with you.

There are many wonderful things about this chapter of our lives and this chapter in history (which may be changing to be more of a herstory) ...it's important for us to stay happy, healthy and enjoying our lives, keeping our vibrations high, so we can share our wisdom with the coming generations and be an important force and catalyst for positive change.

A whole new life and a whole new chapter begins at 50 and I am here to support you...and to support our collective mission...we all chose to be here at this time to support our world, the earth and it's peoples through this time of change.



Be the Light

Posted on January 14, 2016 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)


We have heard from many beginning with Ghandi the admonition to "Be the Change that you would like to see in the world."  Now it is time for us also to "be the light".

For 2016 let's work with the "Light", spreading it out into the world, sending it for healing, upliftment and bringing light to the darkness and negativity and fear that seek to take control and undermine our sense of peace.

You are a "being of light" and there is a great deal of goodness in the world, kindnesses that are extended everyday.  However, we only hear of the ones that have "gone viral" or have occaisonally been featured on the news to counterbalance the other 55 minutes of bad, negative, bleeding, fear based news.  We are quite powerful in our ability to "be the light" and we outnumber the "bad guys" who would seek to undermine it.

When we hear news of shootings that occur at schools and churches where innocent people have died senselessly and needlessly we all fall a little more into shadow and feeling sad and depressed and fearful of the future and the future of a world that would mercilessly and coldly kill innocent children.

Send light out into the world.  Light yourself up like a Harry Potter patronus...Expecto Patronum! and visualize sending/blasting/bathing the earth and it's people with the white light of heaven - the kind that dispells, darkess, evil and negativity. 

You are that light! You are that powerful!

Don't hold back your greatness!  SHINE ON!