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Hi I'm Pat Rainville, Thanks for visiting my new site.

Many of you have already come to know me through various channels..maybe you have come to one of my angel healing circles, maybe you got referred to me for a reading, or we met through a networking group like The Dream Factory Community

So for those who already know me, this is a little additional background information for you.  If you are new to the site and looking into who I am.  I provide products and services that are designed to inform, enlighten and inspire.  A lot of what I do centers around self care, recovery, self realization, and empowerment.

I enjoy seeing the transformation in people as they go from stress, strain and anxiety to relief. I have always received enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfillment from helping to ease people's pain (emotional or physical) and provide comfort and support to them. 

In the early 90's I became a massage therapist.  Although my original focus was in sports massage, I have since gone on to work in a variety of different environments including chiropractors offices, gyms, sports events, private practice, spas and hospitals.  In addition to working with athletes and just generally stressed out people, I have worked with people who have AIDS as well as those who were terminally ill.  Although I am not currently licensed or practicing...I bring the experience and knowledge I gained during this time into what I do now.

While involved with massage school I also started my journey as a Reiki practitioner and have gone on to become a Reiki Master.

Also during this decade, I really desired more knowledge of natural healing from the plant worId to incorporate with the massage therapy to enhance it's benefits. I apprenticed with herbalist Jane Laforce at Jade Hill Farmstead and also developed my knowledge of aromatherapy.

In the early 2000's I added a whole new dimension on to what I was doing when I pursued becoming an Angel Therapy Practitioner through Doreen Virtue's workshops.  Doreen is degreed in psychology and is a known leader throughout the world in this area and has many best selling books and card decks.  I also went on to complete her advanced training in Angel Therapy and Mediumship.

If there was an event in my life that served as a catalyst for all of this, I would have to say it was my mother's passing.  Her death in the spring of 1991 from cancer was the big spark on my journey.  It was one of the most devastating events in my life up to that point.  She was still young in her early 60's.  At that time I also became aware of the book and teachings of the great spiritual master Paramahansa Yoganada which helped at that time with a greater understanding of death and the soul's journey through life and death.  I still today learn from his teachings and lessons on meditation and accessing the inner stillness where all answers reside.